Children F1rst

Programme for making animated films with primary schools.

This is a programme of the Educational Service of CINANIMA, with the support of the General Directorate of Education – National Cinema Plan, aimed at children of the basic level, with the objective of providing contact with the animation of images through the making of animated films in school classes.

– Promotion of film literacy;
– Contribute to students’ academic success through the articulation of different knowledge;
– Foster a positive attitude towards learning;
– Contribute to civic education and citizenship as essential tools for teaching and learning processes;
– Contribute to a positive interaction between students, teachers and the rest of the educational community.

This programme proposes the development of pedagogical projects, through the exploration and questioning of the environment, using animated cinema as a vehicle for the production of animated films with children from the primary schools. The development of projects around the animation of images has proved to be an activity that provides significant learning. They allow the application and experimentation of different strategies and techniques of animation and contribute to the discovery of new forms of expression and communication. As a multidisciplinary area, animatied cinema associates expressive and communicational potentialities, and promotes diverse processes for cognitive development.

In this way, Children First initiative is linked to the entire curriculum of the primary schools.

The exploration of the theme “ESPINHO: history, culture, traditions and personalities”, allows little children to contact and study the various contents linked to the historical and cultural knowledge of their region, but also opens up possibilities for original narratives. The result of this process experienced by each class and by each child translates into the making of an animated film.