Following the sponsor from Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá, for the second consecutive year, CINANIMA and its guests will be visiting, their factory, on the 13th November, at 9:30 A.M.

Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá, as a sponsored that this brand has given to the Festival Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá is the oldest existing company producing traditional hand-made rugs. The factory is located in Espinho, a small city in the north of Portugal with an old industrial tradition.

The company started off as a small manufacturer, founded by Joaquim Ferreira de Sá on the 25th of April, 1946. Since then, the company evolved from a family business to a large-scale organization.
Over the last years, they have been continuously expanding and improving their factory and working methods. They created an industrial unit, with modern equipment and facilities without neglecting the origins and tradition of the art of weaving. In 1971, they acquired the large and original stock of the traditional “Beiriz Stitch” designs and artworks, from the former Beiriz factory.

They produce bespoke luxury rugs, using not only the most traditional manual techniques but also the best raw materials and craftsmanship. Since all their carpets are custom-made, for them every project is unique and personalized, bearing in mind their client’s personalities and tastes.