4th year students from Silvalde Elementary School presented the film ‘Patolino’

Teachers, parents, students and coordinators of the National Cinema Plan (PNC) have crowded the Library of Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida Secondary School to see ‘Patolino’, the animated movie made by the students of the 4th year of Silvalde Elementary School of School Group Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida, under the project Children F1rst, an initiative of the Educational Service of CINANIMA.

The adventures of ‘Patolino’ were the inspiration for the fun and smiles spread all over the audience, and a reason to be proud for all those involved. Under the orientation of the animated cinema directors and teachers Carolina Bonzinho and Inês Costa, the young directors showed their talent and creativity in the making of this first short film that is part of the FRAME project and the applause highlighted this joint work.

The participants in the presentation of this screening were the director of School Group Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida, Ilídio Sá, the teacher and coordinator of the National Cinema Plan, Isabel Ribeiro, the head teacher of the 4th grade class of the Elementary School of Silvalde, Fátima Santos, the coordinator of the Educational Service of CINANIMA, Paulo Fernandes, and the directors Carolina Bonzinho and Inês Costa.