CINANIMA goes to Schools

“CINANIMA Goes to Schools” is a programme of the Festival’s 47th edition, with the objective of bringing written animated film programmes of artistic quality, mostly produced in Europe, to all schoolchildren in Portugal and the PALOP countries.

Improving children’s and young people’s film literacy is part of CINANIMA’s purpose, which includes the Education Service team curating film programmes to be exhibited in schools.

This initiative provides six free short film programs- two for each level of education – each suitable for the respective level of education (Pre- and 1st cycle, 2nd and 3rd cycle, and Secondary), allowing free viewing of almost 50 films. Each of these shows has a selection of around twelve films from which you may pick whether to watch programme A or B (or both). In addition, for each level of education, a teacher support document is distributed.

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Testimonies from 'CINANIMA goes to Schools'

"This week, some students inquired as to if they may view additional movies that they hadn't seen the previous week. That reveals something about how the majority of the pupils were affected by the action. My tiny buddies have a little film here, as Vasco Granja once said, and it was a pleasure to be able to watch some of the works and discuss various topics with the youngsters in a lighthearted but meaningful way. We appreciate the chance, and you may count on us for more meetings of this nature."

André Azeiteiro
José Silvestre Ribeiro School Group - Idanha-a-Nova

"We participated in this programme for the first time, and we really enjoyed it! The films featured a variety of interesting and timely issues and were very artistically and acoustically engaging. We appreciate you and anticipate the upcoming event.

Rita Túbal
Matilde Rosa Araújo School Group - Cascais

"I'm happy to announce that this year, we almost succeeded in getting every student in the school to attend a CINANIMA programme. The success of this activity, which is quickly rising to the top of the list of school activities, can be attributed to the enchantment of animated film, the careful selection of the programmes, and the relevance and current nature of the issues covered."

Manuel Vilela
Odemira School Group - Odemira

Learn More:

You may find all the information you require on our website,, under the education services section, including the link to the registration form, the film programmes and synopses organised by grade level, the rules, and the connection to the final report form. You can email us at if you have any inquiries or suggestions.

Each of the six CINANIMA programmes has a set of about a dozen short videos from which you can select to watch programme A or B (or both), with two for each educational level (preschool, primary, and secondary). There are no distinguishing qualities. The only thing you need to do while registering is select the educational level you want to pursue.

I want the animated films to be shown at the various schools in the cluster. Should I sign up for each school separately or just the cluster?

You only need to submit one registration for the cluster, specifying on the registration form which schools are interested and choosing the various educational levels you choose. The teacher in charge of registration is in charge of obtaining the URLs to the videos and sending them to the cluster’s interested schools so they can view them.

This year, we made it easier to complete the required declaration of film display. There is a required field for this purpose on the registration form.

If you register by November 10, you will receive the links and password to access the films on the MyAirBridge platform from November 13 to November 18.
On November 19, a second link will be issued to join the numerous film programmes that will be available from November 20 to November 24.