CINANIMA joins Canal180 channel for the exhibition ‘Showcase CINANIMA’.

CINANIMA – International Animated Film Festival – joins to Canal 180 channel for the exhibition of ‘Showcase CINANIMA’.

During the month of July, every Sunday at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., you won’t have to leave your couch to get to CINANIMA. You will be able to see 15 short films that stood out in the Young Portuguese Director Award.

This initiative is part of the objectives to promote Animated Cinema, by spotlighting the excellent work that has been developed by huge emerging talents. Here is the list of the short films you can watch:

SANCTUARY (Portugal, 2020)

Synopsis: A boy travels through the desert with his surfboard and a doll. In a race against time, he tries to extract a mysterious essence from the statues that surround him. In the distance, another character observes his frantic quest.

Direction: Hugo Santos, Pedro Bilé, Diogo Costa, Tyffany Reis

Production: Tyffany Reis, Pedro Bilé, Diogo Samuel, Hugo Santos – Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre

KUMARU (Portugal, 2022)

Synopsis: Kumaru is a curious being. He hunts fireflies to light his way through the darkness, which is the only illumination he knows. Something different will catch his attention.

Direction: Bruno Maravilha, Patrícia Santos, Tânia Teixeira

Production: Lusófona Filmes

CANEIRO STREET (Portugal, 2022)

Synopsis: Caneiro is a forgotten street. But more than that, it is a magical place of festivity and community. It is a memory held in the hearts of those who lived there that is eternalised in this lively love letter to a grandfather.

Direction: Leonor Faria Henriques

Production: Leonor Faria Henriques

JOURNEY (Portugal, 2021)

Synopsis: A musical journey danced through the places and colours of an ever-changing life.

Direction: Sarah Dias

Production: Lusófona Filmes


Synopsis: I, the main character in the animation, feel constantly apathetic and introspective. Until something new enters my life, bringing a new perspective and colour.

Direction: Inês Charana Durão

Production: Inês Charana Durão

DUO  (Portugal, 2022)

Synopsis: A direct animated narrative, a journey inside the mind, a thought, an idea. Visualising what from the outside seems only a few seconds. Tranquility versus chaos. The self-indulgence of a character in trance with his subconscious.

Direction: João Levezinho

Production: João Levezinho

RISING IN A SPIRAL (Portugal, 2021)

Synopsis: A journey that makes us question what is happening to our planet and what we can still do for it.

Direction: Débora Mendes, Elmano Diogo

Production: Steven Malliet, Débora Mendes, Elmano Diogo

WALKTHROUGH (United Kingdon, Portugal, 2020)

Synopsis:Walkthrough is a making-of with a narrative. When a puppet has an accident before it is finished, you have to make some adjustments.

Direction: Sofia Salt

Production: Bristol School of Animation

Jungle (Portugal, 2022)

Synopsis:A little girl wakes up with a morning existential crisis. The physical world around her is distorted by her internal struggles and is becoming increasingly full of ghostly animals. This is a film about the inner world of an artist, whose mind can become very noisy, dangerous and full of thoughts. A mind that can be thought of as a jungle.

Direction: Leonor Calaça

Production: Leonor Calaça

OUROBOROS (Portugal, 2021)

Synopsis: Trapped in an endless cycle, Gold tries to escape the discomfort. His only company: himself.

Direction: Alexandre Marques, João Costa, João Figueiredo

Production: Alexandre Marques, João Costa, João Figueiredo

THE WORLD’S LARGEST CAGE  (Portugal, 2022)

Synopsis: A bird spies the pain of the world, silenced by the sphere in which it confines itself. Fruit of the essence of freedom, but without possession of it, the pair of wings takes comfort in the shadows that dance between the cycle of life. After a tempting debate with its own reflection, the bird conquers the skies, thinking it is finally free. But is this freedom free? Or an even bigger cage?

Direction: Marta Ribeiro, Catarina Colaço

Production: Marta Ribeiro, Catarina Colaço

The Whelk (Portugal, 2021)

Synopsis: The Whelk is an adaptation of the short story “Homer” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen, which recounts a brief childhood memory of the author and has as its central character a wandering, maddened old man who seemed to beg for alms on summer afternoons in a village by the beach. Whelk is a free being, who lives away from the world of men and in communion with nature.

Direction: Aurora Mascarenhas Fernandes

Production: Aurora Mascarenhas Fernandes, ESMAD – Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design

Onliest (Portugal, 2021)

Synopsis: In a reality where the common goal is to find individual freedom, lives a peculiar man who has not yet fulfilled this desire. He feels imprisoned even though flying is his greatest ambition.

Direction: Laura Equi, Laura Pires, Marta Ribeiro

Production: Laura Equi, Laura Pires, Marta Ribeiro

House 52 (Portugal, 2020)

Synopsis: With a raw and plastic look, this 2D animated short film documents Maria’s childhood and her struggle to survive the poverty existing in the Piscatório de Espinho neighbourhood during the 1950/1960s

Direction: Helena Bernardes, Margarida Rocha

Production: Helena Bernardes, Margarida Rocha

FIRE EMBRACE (Portugal, 2022)

Synopsis:Antonio is a shepherd of souls who lives on a small desert island in the middle of the Atlantic. His job is to bless the souls of the dead. One day, he comes across a strange soul that shows a different colour…

Direction: Augusto Rocha

Production: Augusto Rocha