CINANIMA: more and more films every year

Continuously growing, CINANIMA has received an absolute record of 19 feature films: Austria, Brazil, China, Colombia (2), South Korea, Spain, France (3), The Netherlands, Hungary, Japan (2), Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Romania and Russia (2). 1237 short films have been submitted.

Submissions include 395 short films – category more than 5 up to 24 minutes, 379 short films – category up to 5 minutes, and 342 short films in the category School and/or Graduation Film. In the National Competition, 23 films will compete for the Antonio Gaio Award (Best Portuguese Film in National Competition) and 29 films compete for the Young Portuguese Director Award. This category includes 16 works made by young directors over 18 and 13 films made by children and youngster under 18.

Some of the films entered in the 39th edition of CINANIMA have been directed by internationally known and recognized directors and animators, a proof of the importance and vitality of this Festival that continues to be a landmark in the panorama of worldwide animation.

CINANIMA received works from 61 countries! Worth mentioning works coming from  Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico) or the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Israel and Turkey). It is a great satisfaction that we register the growing production of these countries and assess its energy and visibility.

For the first time, the Festival received films from Tanzania, São Tomé and Principe, Malta and Tajikistan.

Contrary to previous years, the US lead the list of countries with more films – 138 films – followed by France and the United Kingdom with 124 films. From the 55 Portuguese, 41 films will also be running in the International Competition.

This 39th CINANIMA edition is surely auspicious, not only for the record of feature films, but also by the attractive and promising propositions that the Festival has to offer, from the 9th until the 15th November next, in Espinho.