CINANIMA participates in “Luso-Galaic Meeting of Audiovisual Festivals”

The coordinator of CINANIMA’s Artistic and Programming Commission, Johnny Marques, attended the Luso-Galaic Encounter of Audiovisual Festivals, in Pontevedra, which took place on 17th and 18th of June.

Johnny Marques spoke at the session, on 18 June, on the theme “Editorial diversity”, pointing out the need to help and educate the public more and more. “If audiences are exposed to different, challenging and reflective works, they can develop their critical sense and show interest in more intriguing products and in a differentiating style” – said the coordinator of CINANIMA’s Artistic and Programming Commission.

This conversation was moderated by Severiano Casalderrey, festival programmer and sub-director of FICBUEU (Festival Internacional de Cinema de Bueu) and also participated Dario Oliveira, director of PORTO/POST/DOC Film & Media Festival; Nuno Rodrigues, director of Curtas Vila do Conde; Alfonso Pato, director of Festival de Cans and the programming director of Festival Primavera do Cine in Vigo: Festival de Cine Galego e Lusófono, Ana Gontad.

The initiative’s main objectives were to stimulate relations between the Luso-Galician administrations and to learn about their structures, functions and competences. In addition, it aimed to promote interaction between the agents of the various spectrums of both territories, share experiences, contrast models of management and cultural development in the audiovisual environment, analyse the situation of film festivals in the local and territorial cultural sphere and debate their future, as well as their role and of the spectator in society in the post-pandemic period.