CINANIMA Accepts Partnership with FEC (Mozambique)

CINANIMA merrily accepts the invitation to partner with FEC – Fundação Fé e Cooperação, taking CINANIMA on Tour to Mozambique.

The primary school Nossa Senhora do Rosário in Maputo will receive on June 18 a Mobile Booklet within the scope of the “Raízes e Cultura” Project. A training action for teachers about Animation will be

 given, plus the exhibition of the Best of 2019 from CINANIMA – International Animation Film Festival. This interdisciplinarity between literature and animation cinema, consolidated in the partnership between FEC and CINANIMA, allows teachers to access to excellent narratives. António Cabrita, pedagogical literature advisor for the project, will lead the group through exercises and debates. “Raízes e Cultura” project is funded by the European Union in Mozambique and Camões, I.P.