CINANIMA’S 2022 Retrospectives

Tribute to Piotr Kamler

Piotr Kamler will be honored at the 46th edition of CINANIMA, with a retrospective of his innovative work in animation, partly because of his connection to the most important names in 20th century electronic music.

Pôle 3D School

The Pôle3D retrospective, curated by Carlos de Carvalho, gathers the choices of the French animation school.

Tricky Women / Tricky Realities

Tricky Women – Tricky Realities, curated by Waltraud Grausgruber, highlights the work of seven female directors, each one with her own signature and animation technique. The films start conversations, not necessarily to find answers, but logical frameworks within which we begin to understand each other. The power of women’s hands, in personal yet universal narratives.

How Queerfull!

How Queerfull!, curated by Cheng Hsu Chung is dedicated to the queer community. It includes films that chronicle the life experiences of unique individuals. Exploring one’s sexual identity is a personal journey with different challenges and celebrations.

Senses and Sensibility

The Senses and Sensibility retrospective, curated by Alexis Hunot, allows us to provoke our senses, to think of cinema as a physical process, since our bodies can react to what we see on screen.

Collage Earmarked For Colision

Collage Earmarked For Collision, curated by Chris Robinson, is a retrospective that aims to show the work of contemporary animators who have engaged with collage in the era of globalization and technological saturation.