Schedule: 17 november (Friday)


Centro Multimeios - Auditorium António Gaio

Guest School: KASK & Conservatorium, Ghent – Belgium – Com Britt Raes, Mai Calon

Direction: Rune Callewaert | Belgium | 0:03:22 | 2023

During a disturbing night in the ruins of a cathedral, some skeletons come out of their graves to dance in a way that only skeletons can dance. A stop motion essay based on Camille Saint-Saëns’ “dance macabre”.

Direction: Julian Arias | Belgium | 0:04:22 | 2019

Surrounded by mist you are lost. Time and space vanish, and all that remains are fragments of sound and images, of a story, of a dream or of a memory.

Direction: Katchatrian Alisa | Belgium | 0:06:01 | 2020

In a dystopian world, three women share their life paths until they no longer do.


Direction: Capucine Muller | Belgium | 0:12:23 | 2019

In difficulties with an unknown language and struggling with the locals, follow the adventures of a french girl who just moved in a country called Dutchgaria.

Direction: Esin Güler | Belgium | 0.04:45 | 2021

“Body of Earth” is a motion graphics project to praise our Planet Earth. The artist wanted to create a graphic style that resembled nature in an abstract way.

Direction: Lauren Rolly | Belgium | 0:05:06 | 2022

Scientists walk around in protective suits. They are captivated by different species of birds that roam freely on the research grounds.

Direction: Juliette Pons | Belgium | 0:09:00 | 2023

A mesh of brave figurines advances towards cracked lips a grinding smile, a glowing fever the outlines of their shadows oscillate their bodies at rest, pushed forward by an arm fade like drops on a bed of embers

Realização: Ada Güvenir | Belgium | 0:04:31 | 2020

A modern day love story, on the right time but in the wrong place.

Direction: Noa Bromley | Belgium | 0:04:31 | 2020

A lonely creature in an underground tram station.

Direction: Théo Collie | Belgium | 00:09:00 | 2023

A shadow parade where countless figures march into a chaotic spectacle.

From the Heart of the Balkans: A Creative Journey
 Curated by Nikola Majdak, Ana Nedeljkovic – Serbia

The Cake
Direction: Daniel Šuljić | Croatia | 00:08:15 | 2010

A group of people are celebrating, sitting around the table. The celebration cake is served, but unevenly divided among them.

Direction: Ivan Bogdanov | Bulgaria, Croatia | 00:16:07 | 2012

When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you?


Demonstration of Brilliance in Four Acts 
Direction: Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov | Croatia | 00:14:00 | 2018

The people are waiting for someone special. Someone special is born – a grown-up man in a suit. They follow the man and cheer for his theatrical but utterly pointless performances. In the middle of one performance he makes a mistake and the people who have so far adored him, leave. Left alone, he meets a woman who is made for him. The theatrical performances continue…


Remember How I Used to Tide a White Horse 
Direction: Ivana Bošnjak Volda and Thomas Johnson Volda | Croatia | | 00:10:00 | 2023 

A waitress goes about her daily routine serving coffee whilst having thoughts of escaping her reality. A costumer is constantly recording and listening back to the surrounding sounds of the café and is completely fixated by this task. Apathy is a condition that leads consciousness into stagnation, but do either of them realise that they are themselves examples of this condition?

Musical Traumas 
Direction: Miloš Tomić | Serbia | 00:10:00 | 2018

Musical Traumas came to fruition as the result of the director’s obsession with music schools. It is a rhythmic compilation of traumatic, but amusing confessions of former students, as well as an attempt to visualise music with scrumptious, hand-drawn animation. The experiences may be documentary, but the image comes straight from the world of musical impressions.


Direction: Nikola Majdak Jr and Ana Nedeljkovic | Serbia | 00:09:00 | 2018

A girl lives in an isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never traveled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamed of leaving forever for a perfect world called Abroad.


Four Souls of Coyote (M6)
Áron Gauder | Hungary | 01:43:00 | 2023


Native American teenagers confront an oil pipeline project, down the hill from their ancestral land. The grandfather evokes the tale of Creation, reminding all of us that we need to find our place in the great circle of creatures.

Michael Faust | Israel | 00:07:38 | 2022

Our Uniform
Yegane Moghaddam | Iran | 00:06:30 | 2023

Spartak Yordanov | Bulgaria | 00:07:07 | 2022

The Garden of Heart
Olivér Hegyi | Hungary | 00:10:32 | 2022

The Time Keeping House
Joana Imaginário | Portugal | 00:12:00 | 2023

Love Me True
Inés Sedan | France | 00:07:40 | 2023

Asparuh Petrov | Bulgaria | 00:06:42 | 2022

Nuno Amorim | Portugal | 00:11:29 | 2023

Arevik d’Or | Belgium | 00:03:28 | 2022

Rosemary A.D. (After Dad) 
Ethan Barrett | USA | 00:09:38 | 2022

Sophie Colfer, Ala Nunu | Poland | 00:08:34 | 2023

Joachim Hérissé | France | 00:15:00 | 2022

Centro Multimeios - Sala Polivalente

PNA/CINANIMA Digital Cultural Backpack Film-debate #LINGO
 The challenge of growing in the age of social media

This initiative between CINANIMA and the National Arts Plan (PNA) will include a screening and study of the film #Lingo by Vicente Nir (Daniel Vicente Roque), which will serve as the backdrop for a discussion on “The Challenge of Growing Up in the Age of Social Networks.” This session invites all secondary and high school students to think on their reliance on social media.

Helena Teixeira da Silva, a journalist, is going to moderate the debate, which will include:

– Daniel Catalão – Journalist/University Professor
– Daniel Roque – Director of the short film #LINGO/Animator and Illustrator
– Diana Alves – University Professor/Clinical Psychologist
– José Alberto Rodrigues – University Professor/Member of CINANIMA
– Students from schools in Espinho


One of the projects we have developed for people who want to enhance their understanding of animation film is the presentation of the RE:ANIMA master’s course. This presentation will include a conversation on the various views for the future of animation education in Europe, in addition to the presentation of this master’s curriculum. Geert Van Goethem, João Miguel Real, Paulo Viveiros, and Steve Malliet will be among the panellists.

This Master, taught by three Universities in Belgium, Finland and Portugal, is oriented towards a diverse and artistic approach to the field of Animation. It envisions the creation of an international community of animators who establish multiple links and create a network for future professional projects. The inclusion of different forms of expanded animation in the programme is a new curricular feature which does not exist in the traditional animation programmes that are usually oriented towards short film production with a narrow focus and specialization in animation techniques.

Expanded Animation – From Performative Animation to Virtual Reality Animation

Trainer: Luís Leite

This training workshop seeks to promote dialogue and critical thinking about the representation of patterns and stereotypes in animated film, with the creation and growth of characters serving as a starting point. First, we will interpret and discuss several instances to make the group aware of the prejudices prevalent in character portrayal in popular and contemporary animated cinema. Following that, we’ll conduct a variety of drawing and illustration exercises to investigate and fight creative tendencies that perpetuate harmful or reductive stereotypes. We will demonstrate how we can study other languages and develop new meanings with the children through these tasks.

Auditorium Casino de Espinho

The Date • Jeyhun Turksoy – Azerbaijan

Rainboy  Barbara Brunner – Switzerland

Sparkle • Yulissa Garrido – Chile

Flutter • Adam Reed Levy – USA

Little Fan • Sveta Yuferova, Shad Lee Bradbury – Germany

Clowning Around • Robert Brown – United Kingdom

Swing to the Moon • Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drique , Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau – France

The Swineherd • Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith – Denmark

The Pack or the Herd • Luna Strmotić – Croatia

Our Piggy • Jaromír Plachý – Czech Republic

The Date • Jeyhun Turksoy – Azerbaijan

Rainboy  Barbara Brunner – Switzerland

Sparkle • Yulissa Garrido – Chile

Flutter • Adam Reed Levy – USA

Little Fan • Sveta Yuferova, Shad Lee Bradbury – Germany

Clowning Around • Robert Brown – United Kingdom

Swing to the Moon • Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drique , Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau – France

The Swineherd • Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith – Denmark

The Pack or the Herd • Luna Strmotić – Croatia

Our Piggy • Jaromír Plachý – Czech Republic

Buzz •  Bryn Chainey, Andrew Brand – United Kingdom 

Guardian • Levi Pugh – United Kingdom

Blueberry •  Stephanie Glover – USA

Babies and the Bear – Summer •  Maja Garmulewicz – Poland

Prinzessin Aubergine • Dina Velikovskaya – Germany

Kiwi • Karin Likar – Slovenia

Frida in the Sky • Dani Sadun – Canada

Mouse House •  Timon Leder – Slovenia

Hooba • Sem Assink – Netherlands

Hi! • Narjes Mohammadi – Netherlands

All My Colours  Marc Riba, Anna Solanas – Spain

Strings Attached • Ria Shinde – USA

Swollen • Zahra Khorshidi Paji – Iran

Crab • Piotr Chmielewski – Poland

Nool • May Grosman – Israel

ROALD • Bigache Clara, Chavalle Laurent, Chene Julie, Chopinet Thibault, Gaucheron Armand, Lheureux Alexis, Prone Maxime – France

Static Focus • Jai Lawson – United Kingdom

Tender Embrace • Andrea Fabris Pascual – Canada

A Film With No Name • Siri Angvik, Mira Eiene Foust, Ida Kristine Ones – Norway

Akufeni • Lorenza Longhi, Stefano Pavolini – Italy

Barsaat • Vipin Samuel, Ashwin Syam – India 

Ethel • Beatrice Jäggi – Switzerland

Nubecita • Katalin Egely – Hungary

Out of Character • Niccolò Gioia – Italy

Under the Endless Sky • Alexandra Dzhiganskaya – Ukraine

A Story About a Monkey, a Bear and a Caterpillar • Dashka Dementeva, Rebeka Kruus – Estonia

Lights • Jitka Nemikinsová – Czech Republic

Not a Fairy Tale • Malgorzata Rybak – Poland

SNAX • Team Snax – France

Orlando • Anne Verbeure – Belgium

Théâtre du Passage  • Antonin Niclass – Switzerland

Onti • Miloš Tomić – Serbia

Zidane Roulette  Emy Mirel Ivasca – Romania

Breaking the Ice • Tara Klepac – Croatia

LOADED HASH PIPE • Kamil Wójcik – Poland

The Big BIG Hug • Iria Lopez  – United Kingdom

A Close Shave • Zuzanna Zofia Heller – Poland

Feed Me with Love or Hate • Dalmiro Buigues, Martin Dasnoy – Argentina

Documents of Life • Sophia (Sumin) Mok – Canada

Longing for Green • Pu Yancun – China

Luknje/Holes • Sofiya Kruglikova – Slovenia

Williwaw • Madison Banks, Justin Haggard – USA

So Far So Good • Nina Chubinishvili – Georgia

In a Funk • Eloise Lohrey – Australia

Jamais Vu • Katerina Constantinou, Maria Panayi, Eleftheria Papadopoulou – Cyprus

The Final Nail In The Coffin • Conor Kehelly – Ireland

The Spark Within • Michael Grech – Malta

Breaza – The Legend of the Stained Woman • Eugen Munteanu – Romania

Kendila • Nadia Rais – Tunisia

International Grand Panorama “Singularity in Diversity ”

For the Record 
Gwenola Heck, Gregor Wittich, Ilya Lorenz Barrett | Germany | 00:05:27 | 2022

Oliver the Giant
Júlia Lantos | Hungary | 00:08:14 | 2023

Peacock Inn
Dorotea Radušić | Croatia | 00:06:06

White Butterflies
Shuangshuang, Jara García de Viedma | Spain | 00:05:00 | 2022

From The Top
Rich Farris | United Kingdom | 00:08:14 | 2023

Blue Letter
Nina Skriabina | United Kingdom | 00:02:57 | 2023

Lauri Ketonen | Finland | 00:14:35 | 2023

It’s just a whole
Bianca Scali | Germany | 00:10:37 | 2023

Fish in the Bus
Yulin Yue | China | 00:04:41 | 2022

My mother at sea
Aspasia Kazeli | Estonia | 00:06:01

Piscina Solário Atlântico

FORMAnimada is a meeting open to anybody who is interested in the junction of animation film and education, and who wants to use animation cinema as a pedagogical and creative instrument today or in the future.
This seminar will provide an opportunity to share approaches, strategies, and expertise collected over the years about practices implemented in formal and non-formal educational contexts, with animation cinema serving as a backdrop.
Professor João Católico will moderate the meeting, which will include the following participants:

• Anilupa – Associação de Ludotecas do Porto: Fernando Saraiva
• Cine Clube de Viseu: Graça Gomes
• Casa Museu de Vilar: Abi Feijó
• CINANIMA, FRAME Project – Children F1rst : Carolina Bonzinho e Inês Costa

The Exhibition visits a century of Portuguese Animation Cinema, providing a unique perspective on its history and evolution. Through emblematic objects, such as drawings, photograms, cameras, optical devices and other artifacts, this Exhibition invites visitors to delve into the memories and records that encompass the past and present of the national animation cinema. Thematically structured, the exhibition carefully presents artifacts selected from institutional partners and CINANIMA’s collections. This is a must-see journey that unveils the wonders of Portuguese Animation Cinema, as well as the processes and techniques involved in its creation.

Get to know Portuguese animations created by women.

“Estúdio 100” constitutes the filmic part of the Exhibition and offers the viewing of films that, for various reasons, are important for the history of Portuguese Animation Cinema. It proposes a discussion about them, as in cineclubs, expecting that, in some sessions, authors may participate.


Centro Multimeios de Espinho

(Auditório) Casino de Espinho

Piscina Solário Atlântico