CINANIMA mourns the loss of Giannalberto Bendazzi

Giannalberto Bendazzi

CINANIMA mourns the loss of a dear friend and a leading personality in the field of animation studies.

A multi-award winning academic, the only recipient of an Honoris Causa Doctorship degree in animation (by the Portuguese Lusófona University), Giannalberto Bendazzi became part of CINANIMA’s history by collaborating several times with our festival, as a Jury or a guest.

One of the world’s greatest authors in animation studies, with multiple books and articles on the subject, Giannalberto Bendazzi graced us with his knowledge and wit, and leaves an undeniable legacy.

A scholar of reference, but also an enthusiast and supporter of budding researchers and animation directors, we should remember his invaluable contribution prior to the advent and globalization of the Internet, when access to written information about independent animation was scarce and dispersed.

His work greatly helped CINANIMA shape its editions during those years and the recent “Animation: A World History”, a magnificent, towering edition in three volumes, will continue to be a reference for years to come.

Giannalberto will be missed. It was a privilege to know his work. Meeting him was an even bigger privilege.

His legacy is vast and he will be forever in our memories.

Thank you Giannalberto.