Spartak Yordanov (Bulgaria)


The film interprets the theme of the loss of personality, the so-called “depersonalization” – a state in which the individual loses the ability to feel the image of himself, his emotions, even his body. The world of the film is created through the movement of pigment, paint, fluid by the use of “painting under the camera” technique. The events flow into each other, degenerate in the logic of some irreversible and unnatural randomness. Their metamorphosis collides the evolutionary course with its opposite – the tree grows and buries his crown back into the earth, the world returns to primal matter, the consumer is consumed.


Spartak Yordanov

Spartak Yordanov is a visual artist from Sofia, Bulgaria, born in 1979 . He graduated MA in Fine Arts in the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts.
He has had several solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and Antwerpen, Belgium. He participated in more than 20 joint exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2009 he participated in the Sarajevo Talent Campus. Spartak is a visual artist that works in the field of painting under camera and experimental video art and audio-visual performance. In his pieces he uses various tehniques and materials ( photographic paper, air-brush, acrylic,oil-colour, phosphorus, PVC and metal surfaces), combining established methods of depiction with contemporary concepts.He often integrates as frames in his video works photographed stages of the creation of a painting.
“Depersonalization” is Spartak Yordanov’s animation debut as a director .