Children F1rst 2015/16

The beach of Espinho

2nd year students of Basic School Espinho nº3

Synopsis: The beach of Espinho is a much sought after beach by holidaymakers who enjoy spending a beautiful summer’s day.

Teacher: Susana Vasconcelos

Duration: 07:20

Technique: Animated Cut-outs

Here, Paramos

Paramos Basic School 2nd. B students

Synopsis: Paramos is a parish in the south of the municipality of Espinho, where we find many points of interest to stop and discover.

Teacher: Alda Bastos

Duration: 09:12

Technique: Animated Cut-outs


Students of the 1st year of Basic School of Guetim

Synopsis: The Pyrolito is a drink that is in the imagination of many generations. What if Pirolito went to school to learn about its history? He would probably attend the school in Guetim, which is close to his home.

Teacher: Carlos Matos

Length: 06:47

Technique: Object Animation

Let's get going!

Students of the 3rd B of Silvalde Primary School

Synopsis: The Xávega art in Silvalde, told by the students who live there.

Teacher: João Católico

Head Teachers: Andreia Martins, Irene Bastos

Duration: 06:58

Technique: Animated Cut-outs

The Market in Espinho

3rd and 4th year students of Basic School Sá Couto

Synopsis: The Espinho fair is an ex-libris of the city. Every Monday, Espinho fills with people, sounds and colours that cheer and move the city.

Supervised by: João Católico

Teacher: Helena Lopes

Duration: 08:17

Technique: Cut-outs



Espinho nº2 Basic School 3rd D students

Synopsis: The beach, the fair, the parks, the gardens or the library are some of the places in Espinho most visited by students from the 3D Basic School of Espinho nº2

Orientation: João Católico

Teacher: Angelina Marques

Duration: 10:20

Technique: Cartoons

N. S.ª dos Altos Céus e S. Mamede

Students of the 3rd C of Anta Basic School

Synopsis: Portrait of the festivities of N. S. ª dos Altos Céus and S. Mamede that takes place every year in the parish of Anta-Guetim in Esmojães.

Teacher: João Católico

Teacher: Rosa Arete Marinheiro

Duration: 09:58

Technique: Puppet Animation