EXHIBITION Imagines Nostrae Animae Animanostra 30:11

CINANIMA celebrates Animanostra’s 30th anniversary with an exhibition of works by 11 illustrators who made films for this renowned studio in Portugal. Gathering in a single space some of the major names in Portuguese illustration, we tried to put into contrast their illustration, comics and animation work: For three weeks, Espinho Parish gallery will have some of the best illustration work in Portugal.

Where: Espinho Parish
When: From 8th to 30th November. 10AM to 5H30PM.


André Letria was born in 1973, in Lisbon. He is an illustrator and has already done scenography for theater and animation film. His illustrations have filled pages of books and newspapers since 1992. He has won awards, lost hair and participated in exhibitions. Some of his books are published in several countries. In 2006, he created Farol de Sonhos – Encounter sobre o Livro e o Imaginário Infantil and, in 2010, he founded Pato Lógico.


André Ruivo graduated in Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, graduated in Communication from the Royal College of Art in London, has a master’s degree in Animation Film and won a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He works as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers such as Público, O Independente, O Combate, Visão and Ler.


Catarina Sobral was born in 1985, in Coimbra.
She is an illustrator and communication designer, with incursions in the fields of printmaking and animation film. She is the author of the books Greve (Special Mention in the National Illustration Prize 2011), Achimpa (elected Best Children’s Book by the Portuguese Authors Society) and O Meu Avô (with selected illustrations for the 2014 Bologna Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition who received the International Illustrators Award.


Fernando Carlos Nunes de Melo Relvas (Lisbon, September 20, 1954 – Amadora, November 21, 2017) was a Portuguese cartoonist and author. He has collaborated in numerous publications, such as Tintim magazine, the weekly Se7e or O Enimigo. He has published several comic albums, among which Karlos Starkiller, L123 and O Nosso Primo in Brussels stand out.


Filipe Abranches was born in 1965, in Lisbon.
He has a degree in Directing from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. He coordinated the country’s first master’s degree in Illustration, at the Superior Artistic School of Guimarães, and was a professor at the Department of Illustration / Comics at Ar.Co. Lisbon. He illustrated for the weekly Expresso and published in newspapers such as Público, Le Monde, O Independente and Jornal i.
In the early 90’s, he made his comic debut in LX Comics magazine. He won the first literary creation grant for comics, was a guest author at the Salon du Livre de Paris in 2000 and, the following year, acquired the Découverte grant from the Center National du Livre de France. In 2009, he won the Restart award at the IndieLisboa Festival with his first animated film, Birds. He has, however, made two other films: Sanguetinta, which premiered at Curtas de Vila do Conde, in 2012, and Chatear-me-ia morte so joveeeeem, premiered at the IndieLisboa festival, in 2016.


Joana Rosa Bragança (1986) is an artist and illustrator who currently lives and works in Olhão, the city where she grew up. She studied Painting and Illustration in Évora and Lisbon, and has exhibited her collective and individual work in Portugal and abroad, as well as published in books, fanzines, newspapers and magazines. In her works, she often mixes dreams, humor and delicacy, with watercolors and Chinese ink as her favorite materials of the moment, in addition to engraving on linoleum and, more recently, animation.


João Fazenda was born in 1979, in Lisbon.
He lives and works between London and his hometown. He is a Portuguese illustrator who divides himself between drawing, animation, comics and, occasionally, painting. From an early age he began to collaborate with comic book frails and, in high school, he had his first book published between classes and rock bands. He later studied Graphic Design and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. He has several books and animated films produced.


José Bandeira was born in Lisbon in September 1962. He began his career as a political cartoonist in 1983 at Diário de Notícias, where he published, in 1990, the daily series «Cravo & Ferradura», having worked for several newspapers and magazines since then. . He also does comics, where he won several awards, and illustration for books. In 2003 he publishes the album Namoros, Weddings and Others Desencontros (Gradiva), distinguished with the 2003 Best Humorous Strip Album award at the Salão de Banda Desenhada da Amadora. He was awarded several times at the National Caricature Salon, whose Grand Prix was awarded to him in 2004. Also in 2004 he received the Stuart Prize. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Portugal and abroad (Brazil, Croatia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, China, Turkey). He is featured in Sammlung Karikaturen & Cartoon Basel (in Switzerland) and in the anthology Today’s Best Political Cartoons (vol. 1992). He currently publishes in DN and JN.


Paulo Monteiro was born in Vila Nova de Gaia in 1967. At the age of 13, he began illustrating poetry fanzines, posters and murals. In 1987 he enrolled in Letters at the University of Lisbon. During this period he studied Painting and Scenography for Theater. When he graduated in 1991, he moved to Beja, his adopted city.


Director. Degree in Communication Design from IADE in 1998. He began exploring the language of comics and illustration in 1992 in the company of Marcos Farrajota, jointly creating the fanzine “Mesinha de Cabeceira”, a collaboration that continued until 1996. He published seven band titles drawn, emphasizing “You are the woman of my life, she is the woman of my dreams” with João Fazenda (Edições Polvo) having received the Best Portuguese Comics Award – Festival BD Amadora 2001 and Public Award 2001. This book was recently published by two foreign publishers, Six Pieds Sur Terre (Switzerland) and Taurus Media (Poland). Since 1997 he has collaborated with the animation film production company Animanostra, having already directed five short films and participated in several productions such as “Angelitos”, “Jardim da Celeste” and “Ilha das Cores”. He was also assistant director of the film “Olhos do Farol” by Pedro Serrazina produced by Sardinha em Lata.


Tiago Albuquerque was born in Lisbon, in 1982. He divides his time between illustration, design, animation, music and comics. He graduated in Fine Arts / Comics at Ar.Co Lisboa. Currently, he collaborates with several national newspapers and magazines, illustrates books and record covers. As a graphic designer, he creates theater and movie posters, CDs and book covers. He collaborated with Feltrinelli, Pato Lógico, Asa Editions, Caminho Editorial, Gado Filmes, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Polvo, Quasi and Teatromosca. He was distinguished for Best Animated Film at Animatu, with the prize for Best Portuguese Children’s Book Illustrator at Amadora BD and with a Special Mention given by the National Illustration Prize.