Portuguese animated films will be screened at Annecy and Zagreb film festivals

A total of six portuguese films will be present in two of the most important animation film festivals. Through the social networks, CINANIMA has addressed its congratulations to all the Portuguese films selected, as well as to the production companies involved.

At the Annecy Festival we highlight:

➡ Official Competition Feature Film section: “Nayola“, by José Miguel Ribeiro (co-production Praça Filmes, SOIL productions, JPL Films, Il Luster and Luna Blue Film);

➡ Competition Feature Film Contrechamp section: “My Grandfather’s Demons“, by Nuno Beato (prod. Sardinha em Lata, Nuno Beato, Diego Carvalho, Midralgar, Emmanuel Quillet, Martine Vidalenc, Basque Films, Carlos Juarez, Caretos Film, Xosé Zapata Pérez);

In the Official Competition Short Films, two films were selected: “O Homem do Lixo“, by Laura Goncalves (prod. Bando à Parte and Rodrigo Areias) and “Garrano“, by David Doutel and Vasco Sá (prod. BAP – Animation Studio, David Doutel, ART SHOT, Vasco Sá, Agné Adoméné);

In other competitions of the French festival, which will occur from 13th to 18th June, the film “Second“, by André Santos Martins, is selected for the Graduation Short Films. In Virtual Reality Works: “Affiorare“, by Rossella Schillaci (prod. Laranja Azul, Catarina Mourão, Mybosswas, Federico Biasin).

From 6th to 11th June, at the Animafest Zagreb, “O Homem do Lixo”, by Laura Gonçalves, and “Garrano” (by David Doutel and Vasco Sá) will also be screened in competition.