I'm Fine Mum

I’m fine Mum

Jose Manuel Palenzuela


Blanca just started to live by herself but her life is a disaster. When she faces her mum’s texts and questions, she invents herself a standard life, in contradiction with her true identity

Jose Manuel Palenzuela

Jose Manuel Palanzuela (Valencia, 1993) is a freelance illustrator from Valencia and is passionate about narration. After graduating from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia he’s worked on a variety of projects creating storyboards animación and compositing like “El mundo de Pau” (Trivisión, S.L) o “El Amanecer del cine en China” (Summer Films, S.L).
He has also participated in comic projects like “Nuestra voz” (Conselleria de Igualdad y Políticas Inclusivas, 2019), which explains the Spanish law to protect minors to children and teenagers. He’s currently producing and developing the documentary “Sonic Fantasy” about the life and career of Bruce Sweiden, a Grammy awarded music producer and he collaborates with the Magazine LGBTQI+ “Edicions Anònimes”.