Masterclasses 2021 – CINANIMA

Masterclasses 2021 CINANIMA

From November 9th to 12th, Masterclasses will take place within the scope of the CINANIMA – International Animated Film Festival.

In this 45th edition, we will have 6 Masterclasses with a panel composed of renowned guests in the national and international scene.

Free entry.

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Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD) / Matosinhos

9 NOV / Tuesday / 10.00am

Lea Vidakovic


Storytelling approaches for expanded animation
Lea Vidakovic

In this masterclass, spatial storytelling approaches of several animated installations will be discussed, including Sisters and Splendid Isolation, exhibited during the festival as well as a glimpse of a new work in progress. The broader context will be given beforehand, explaining basic differences and processes in creating stories for conventional animation films versus those made for expanded animation. The fact that the above works were created in puppet animation will be discussed too, with an aim to explore the impact of this technique’s material qualities on the viewer in an expanded context.

Instituto Politécnico Cávado e Ave (IPCA) / Auditório da Biblioteca de Barcelos

10 NOV / Wednesday / 10.00am

Michał Bobrowski /


Rebel Without a Camera: the Work of Julian Antonisz
Michał Bobrowski

Julian ‘Antonisz’ Antoniszczak (1941-1987), arguably the most extravagant figure of the Polish School of Animation is remembered mostly as the author of oddball “non-camera” films, drawn, painted, scratched, burned or woodcut-printed directly onto a 35-mm tape. Antonisz’s ability to combine the experimental approach to the film medium with appealing mockery of Socialist reality and Dadaist feeling for pure nonsense, his artistic method based on radical dedication to DIY philosophy, as well as his natural distrust of authorities and mainstream doctrines made him a cult figure for Polish punk movement vital in 1980s. The lecture focuses on Antonisz’s pursuit for artistic independence in times of ideological hegemony.

José Xavier e Rui Gonçalves

Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design do Instituto Politécnico do Porto (ESMAD) / Vila do Conde

10 NOV/ Wednesday / 4pm

José Xavier e Rui Gonçalves


Poetics of the illusion of movement

“Words have always helped me.

When I arrange them in a certain order, what results from this arrangement leaves me imagining an infinite number of things, lines that change, that unfold and move, strokes that appear, that transform, figures that tremble and slide to the taste of my fantasy.

But the most beautiful thing is that all these signs, all these elements of writing, allow me to trace in time movements that do not exist, that are only ephemeral illusions.

I have given this mental construction a name, the Other Movement.

Writing and drawing are identical things, and since they are identical and the instruments with which one draws or writes are identical, I derive an ineffable pleasure from drawing with words and writing with images the Other Movement.

This is the main subject of this lecture.”

José-Manuel Xavier (2021)

Escola Artística Soares dos Reis / Porto

11 NOV / Thursday / 10am

Jüergen Hagler


Ars Electronica: Tectonic Shift in Animation
Jüergen Hagler

Since 1979 the media festival Ars Electronica served as a platform for theory and practice in the field of media arts, based on strong roots in the classical art forms of music, visual arts and film. In 1987, the festival established the Prix Ars Electronica, a yearly competition in several categories, and started with three disciplines: computer music, graphics, and animation. The category Computer Animation is one of the oldest ones and therefore offers an excellent archive of artistic computer animation over 30 years. In the last decade the boundaries between animation, game, film, virtual reality, interactive art, architecture, sound art are blurring and a paradigm shift towards a more artistic and expanded examination of digital animation has taken place. Since 2013 the Expanded Animation symposium focuses on current and future trends at the intersection of animation, art and technology. The central question of this year´s edition was: What fundamental changes in conception, production and reception are discernible, and how does the COVID-19 pandemic fit into this context?

Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica / Porto

12 NOV / Friday / 10am

David Novack


Sound in Cinema and Beyond 
David Novack

Professor David Novack of Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies will present a summary of the major concepts in film sound theory, including fundamental psychoacoustics, diegetic theories, sound semiotics, and science of hearing.  He will also share with attendees some soundscape work developed by animation students during COVID isolation, bringing ideas of “essences” into sound, and soundscapes he recently created using sounds from outer space.

Centro Multimeios de Espinho / Espinho

12 NOV / Friday / 5pm

Yoni Goodman


Yoni Goodman

Animation director Yoni Goodman (“Waltz with Bashir”, “The Congress”, “Where is Anne Frank”) will talk about his process, how it evolved throughout the years, building work methods, without any tradition, guide or budget and how to make these disadvantages into advantages.