CINANIMA organises two programms for Turku Animated Film Festival, in Finland
August 12, 2019

Turku Animation Film Festival will be screening two programs comissioned by CINANIMA: "Portuguese Animation - The Modern Classics" and "Portuguese Animation - A New Generation" between the 21th and the 25th August, in Turku, Finland.

"Throughout the years, Portuguese Animation has been the subject of a growing, regular appreciation by International Film Festivals, as a consequence of the quality and creativity of the latest productions in the field of animation. They are characterized by their diversity, both in terms of the themes and the techniques/visual languages applied. Therefore, the thirteen films handpicked by CINANIMA were created by some of the most internationally acclaimed Portuguese directors and reflect the multifaceted contemporaneity of the works of renowned directors and promising new voices in animation." Carlos Luís Gaio

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