18 de november | Centro Multimeios de Espinho – Sala Polivalente | 17H30

Projetos.PT is a CINANIMA initiative that will introduce animation professionals, students, and the general public to pre-production, production, and/or post-production Portuguese animation film projects (production/directing). Carlos Gaio will moderate the discussion.

Amarela Mecânica

A última meia

Presents: Paulo D’Alva, Carolina Batista
Title: A última meia (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Carolina Batista
Production: Amarela Mecânica

Synopsis: In a town where everyone tries to control the image they convey to others down to the smallest detail, a family’s unity is put to the test when they are confronted with the disappearance of a piece of clothing on which their entire self-esteem depends.


Presents: Paulo D’Alva, Carolina Batista
Title: Submerso (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Margarida Ferreira
Production: Amarela Mecânica

Synopsis: Submerged in emotions, Bernardo experiences a torment that invades his home in the form of water seepage. In search of comfort, he takes refuge in his most intimate place: the bathtub. There he dives into his imagination to personify aspects of the immensity of the sea and the dangers it represents. In a reflection on ourselves and our fears, Bernardo rediscovers himself in the immensity of the sea. In a play of poetic and sensory images, the spectator is invited to enter Bernardo’s world.


Carolina Batista – Director and Producer

Carolina Batista was born in Aveiro in 1996. She is currently directing and producing the short film A Última Meia, supported by ICA, I.P., Aveiro City Council and the Emilia Romagna Film Commission.

Alongside the production of her film, she works as a lecturer on the Interactive Image specialised artistic teaching course at the Institute of Arts and Image. Last school year, she taught animation at the Soares dos Reis Artistic School on the professional 2D/3D Animation course.

In 2021, she joined the Aardman Academy for training in Model Making for Animation and was part of the first edition of the professional Animation Production Management course at The Animation Workshop.

She completed her master’s degree in Illustration and Animation at IPCA in 2021 and has a degree from ESEC in Communication and Multimedia Design. Since 2017, she has been working in the fields of illustration and animation, having worked at Aim Creative Studios, PHYSYS Studio, Fundação EDP and Amarela Mecânica.

Margarida Ferreira – Film Director

Margarida Ferreira, illustrator and animator. During her degree in Visual Arts and Artistic Technologies at the Porto School of Education, she came into contact with various forms of expression, but it was illustration that captivated her and was decisive for her next step. It was during her Master’s degree in Illustration and Animation at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave that her taste for animation grew. She is currently making the animated short Submerso with the production company Amarela Mecânica.

Paulo D ́Alva – Film Director and Producer

He was born in 1980 in Avanca, where he started animating at the CCA. In 1996 he took part as an animator in the Alfredo series. Until 2001 he took part in several short films and made his first film A Noite Cheira Mal, which was screened at more than 100 national and international festivals and won 11 awards. He founded PANORÂMICA, where he held various workshops, thus contributing to the development of animated cinema as an educational tool. He worked as a director at the BAP studio, where he made the films Carrotrope and Fim de linha. He has a degree in visual arts from ESAP. Master in visual arts at UA. Visiting lecturer at IPCA on the Illustration and Animation master’s programme. Esquizoframe is his most recent film produced by AMARELA MECÂNICA, where he is currently producing the short films A Última Meia e Submerso.


A Menina com os Olhos Ocupados

Presents: Filipe Araújo, Hemi Fortes, Pedro Brito e André Carrilho
Title: A Menina com os Olhos Ocupados (Curta-metragem)
Direction: André Carrilho
Production: Blablabla Media

Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a little girl who, even when she was out and about, was always distracted. With her eyes fixed on her phone, she didn’t notice the world around her or anyone who wanted to play with her. What could be done to take her mind off it?


ANDRÉ CARRILHO – Film Director and Producer

With a professional career spanning more than 30 years, André Carrilho has received more than 100 honours and awards as an illustrator, cartoonist, animator, director and caricaturist, and has seen his work exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, France, the Czech Republic, China and the USA. His work, which includes two multi-award-winning children’s books, an information series (Spam Cartoon, RTP) and two short films, among others, has been published in an extensive list of publications, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, NY Magazine, Independent on Sunday.

PEDRO BRITO – Film Director and Producer

Animation and production director of A Menina com os Olhos Ocupados.

He has been working in animated cinema since 1997. He has made 7 animated short films: A estrela de Gaspar (2000), O Paciente (2003), Sem Respirar (2004), Sem Dúvida, Amanhã (2006), Fado do Homem Crescido (2011), Garatujo (2016) and Assim, mas sem ser assim (2019).

He directed several episodes of the web series The Douglas Social Credit (2020/22). More recently, he worked on the layouts for the feature Nayola (2020) by José Miguel Ribeiro, co-directed the feature O Natal Do Aleixo (2022) by João Moreira and Pedro Santo and was Animation Supervisor for the feature They Shot The Piano Player (2023) by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal.

HEMI FORTES – Producer

One of the managing partners of Blablabla Media, Hemi Fortes began her professional career in film festival production. In 2012, she shifted her focus to film production. As a producer, she has been present at prestigious international festivals, and her productions have been shown in prime time on international TV networks. She is the founder and vice-president of MUTIM – the Portuguese Association of Women Filmmakers


Co-founder of Blablabla Media and an animation cinema director, Filipe Araújo set foot in the production world after a decade in journalism, embracing film and a wide range of audiovisual formats. Through his live-action filmography as producer, director and scriptwriter, all acquired by the Portuguese public network, he has won five main awards, was selected in dozens of international film festivals, saw his work broadcasted around the world, and has screened in prestigious venues such as Casa del Cinema (Rome), Filmoteca Española (Madrid) or the UNESCO’s Universal Culture Forum.


Shirley Collins – Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear

Presents: Cristiana Figueiredo, Lucas Moreira
Title:  Shirley Collins – Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Cristiana Figueiredo, Lucas Moreira

Synopsis: It’s a music video made to illustrate the song Fare thee well my dearest dear, from Shirley Collins’ latest album. The video follows the journey of a boat to the final tragedy described in the lyrics. The video is divided into two shots in which different parts of the narrative are told: while we see the journey of the boat, we also see scenes that are described in the lyrics.

Shirley Collins – High and Away

Presents: Cristiana Figueiredo, Lucas Moreira
Title: Shirley Collins – High and Away (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Cristiana Figueiredo, Lucas Moreira
Production: Blablabla media

Synopsis: This video illustrates the song High and Away by Shirley Collins. This animation aims to illustrate the effects of a tornado on the different spaces described in the lyrics. This video was made using a mixture of 3d animation techniques and traditional frame-by-frame animation.

Colective Biography:

Studio Sparks is a multidisciplinary studio that focuses on the world of music, founded by Cristiana Figueiredo and Lucas Moreira. We share an interest and passion for music and the visual arts and in our work, we bring the two together. We explore various methods to illustrate each artist’s work and we do everything from storytelling to final production in areas such as video, illustration, graphic design and animation.

Sardinha em Lata


Presents: Nuno Beato
Title: Esperança (Longa-metragem)
Deirection: Nuno Beato
Script: Nuno Beato, Gisela Casimiro e Rafael Calça
Production: Nuno Beato e Diogo Carvalho

Synopsis: Esperança, a 9-year-old child, lives in a village in Guinea-Bissau’s sixteen century. Esperança is taken by force along with her parents, then separated from her family, and forced to board a slave ship. She sets sail from Cacheu’s port.

Esperança’s voyage, whose name is given by the Portuguese before she set sail, is traumatic, since she is removed from her tabanca (home town) and has little knowledge of the outside world.

Esperança is forced to struggle for her life and strive to break free from her new state. There is a slave insurrection and even a short control of the ship during this expedition

Despite the slaves’ loss, Esperança continues her pursuit for freedom and her mother.

COLA Animation

Two Ships

Presents: Bruno Caetano e Vier Nev
Title: Two Ships (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Mckinley Benson
: Mckinley e Mackenzie Benson
Direção de Arte: Priya Kakati
Technique: Animação tradicional

Synopsis: Enquanto trabalham em horários opostos, um casal tenta conectar-se durante os seus encontros temporários.

Garota Garoupa

Presents: Bruno Caetano e Vier Nev
Title: Garota Garoupa (Curtas-metragem)
Direction: André Almeida
Argumento: Filipe Homem Fonseca
Art Direction: André Almeida
Technique: Animação 3D

Synopsis: Whilst working opposite hours, a couple try to connect during their temporary meetings.


Presents: Bruno Caetano e Vier Nev
Title: Sequencial (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Bruno Caetano
Script: Bruno Caetano e Manuel Ruas Moreira
Art Direction: Ala Nunu
Technique: Stop Motion

Synopsis: In an upside-down world, where the sea is vertical and humanity struggles not to revert to the form of aquatic animals, a girl and an old man fish for groupers. Each fish carries the identity of a particular person, and eating it means keeping the human form and spirit. To this day, the Old Man hasn’t managed to catch his corresponding grouper. And he’s beginning to be more fish than people.

Garota Garoupa is a fable about identity, selflessness and the act of caring. A comic and tragic story that asks the question: to what extent is the greatest sacrifice not the refusal of the sacrifice they make for us?

The Hunt

Presents: Bruno Caetano e Vier Nev
Title: The Hunt (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Diogo Costa
: Diogo Costa
Art Direction: Diogo Costa
Technique: Animação 3D

Synopsis: A group of soldiers lost in the forest have to confront the traumas of their past and the mysterious forces that are pursuing them.


COLA is an international production cooperative specialising in bringing high-quality film content to life. Their union brings strength, experience and the ability to take on the toughest creative challenges. Throughout their career they have worked on projects with different animation techniques.

Vier Nev uses light and negative space to create images that play with perception. Independent director who has directed and animated short films, VR/AR experiences and art exhibitions. Studied Multimedia at ESMAD and VR at the London College of Communication UAL.

Bruno Caetano Portimão,1979. Self-taught stop motion animator, his professional career led him to participate in projects of various animation techniques, as well as in other areas of artistic interest. Works mostly as a director, producer and animator. Publishes comics at Comic Heart and A Seita.

ANIMAIS - Animação, Vídeo e Publicidade, lda.

As Sete Caixas

Presents: Nuno Amorim e Jorge Ribeiro
Title: As Sete Caixas (Curta-metragem)
Direction: Nuno Amorim, Jorge Ribeiro

Synopsis: Trying to keep the children safe in their rooms from all the dangers outside, Whiteface, the clown who controls the screens in Box City, captivates them with his addictive games and hypnotic shows, decreeing unlimited screen time, but young Pandora and her friends think differently.


He completed a painting course at ESAP, Porto in 1996 and a Higher National diploma in Classical Animation in Ireland in 2003. He began his career in animated cinema in 1999 at Magic Toons studios in Lisbon.

Since then he has been an intervalist, animator, layout artist, director, voice actor, illustrator, musician and editor on dozens of short films and other animated and live-action productions.

He has directed animated series for RTP, including “Os Espadinhas” (2004) and “Visiokids” (2014) and a 26-minute TV special entitled “Isto não é um chapéu, uma aventura de Foxy e Meg” (2019).

In 2015, he founded his production company, Os Filmes do Pinguim, where he produces 2D and 3D animated fiction films, the most recent being “Sweet Spot” co-directed by Paulo Patrício and the series As Sete Caixas co-directed by Nuno Amorim.

With a degree in architecture, he was an art director at advertising agencies FCB and Publicis, then joined RTP, where he started as a graphic designer, then director and head of the Graphics Department. At RTP he wrote and directed several animated short films, documentary and cultural series, and was also responsible for a large part of the graphics produced by RTP from 1977 to 1998. In 1991, he founded Animais, an animation, motion graphics and documentary production company, where he creates, produces and directs short films and animated series.

AIM Creative Studios

As Sete Caixas

Presents: Nuno Amorim e Jorge Ribeiro
Title: As Sete Caixas (Curta-metragem)
Director: Nuno Amorim, Jorge Ribeiro

Synopsis: Surrounded by a space disaster and strange life forms, Rizz is catatonic. Until she meets Carla.

Her faith and the guidance she gets from a little radio guide them through an unrecognisable, hostile, and uncaring world. Rizz is reliant on someone quite different from herself to complete a mission she doesn’t comprehend. Their trust is eroding as space frustrates them and Carla’s forecasts fail. They have no hope of finding what they’re seeking for on their own in this planet.

AIM Creative Studios

Presents: Natália Azevedo Andrade, Alexandre Sousa
Title: Amarelo Banana (Curta-metragem)
Director: Alexandre Sousa
Production: Natália Azevedo Andrade

Synopsis: Amarelo Banana is a dark comedy with human nature and escapism as prominent themes. The story concerns a man suffering from sleeplessness and his encounter with a community he uncovers in his apartment block. This community is made up of a group of people who have created an illusion in order to escape regular life and its negative features. The tone of film is comic and absurd, as a way of balancing the dark theme that underpins it.


Natália Azevedo Andrade (Braga, 1992) is a film director and screenwriter currently based in Porto. Her work has been shown at festivals all over the world, such as Tallinn Black Nights, Bucheon International Animation Festival and Curtas Vila do Conde. She studied Animation at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest (MOME Anim) and Painting at FBAUP. She recently took part in the Animation Sans Frontières European Development Laboratory. Natália is also a director and producer at AIM Creative Studios.

Alexandre Sousa (Melgaço, 1997) is a film director and animation director. His work includes projects for international clients and institutions, music videos and documentaries. He is currently making his first short film, supported by the Portuguese Film and Audiovisual Institute.