The Death of António Cavacas

On the death of António Cavacas, Citizen of Espinho and Director of Nascente

António Cavacas, former director of Nascente Cooperative Society and CINANIMA, passed away today, at the age of 77. Lawyer by profession, António Cavacas developed over decades an intense and fruitful civic activity in Espinho, with particular emphasis on culture and local politics, having long militated in the Socialist Party, which he represented in the Municipal Assembly.

He was a cultured man, avidly reader of classic and contemporary authors, as well as a cinephile and a great connoisseur of animation cinema. He was a naturally gentle person, devoided of pretensions that would add nothing to his natural personal skills and his notorious humanist principles.

Member of several associations in Espinho, it was in the scope of Nascente  Cooperative Society that he gave more and better proof of his abilities, having decisively contributed for the implantation and development of this cultural entity, since the 80’s of the last century.

Here he performed the most diverse functions and had multiple responsibilities, which increased with the death of António Gaio, with whom he collaborated directly for many years and in the most varied areas of Nascente, particularly in the great annual challenge of guaranteeing the production of successive editions of CINANIMA, eventually coming to assume the executive direction of the Festival for years.

To António Cavacas’ wife and family, to his many friends and to the Espinho community that he served so well, we address this note of sorrow, in a moment of great consternation for the disappearance of this friend.

The Board of Directors of Nascente Cooperative Society