Next saturday, the 24th May, at 3 p.m, CINANIMA will screen, in collaboration with the Institut Français, at the Centro Multimeios of Espinho, the Oscar nominated feature film (2012), directed by the French filmmakers Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol, Une Vie de Chat. ​

​The film tells the story of Dino, a cat that is divided between two parallel lives: during the day, he lives with Zoé, Jeanne’s only daughter. During the night, he climbs to Paris’ rooftops with Nico, a cunning thief​.  The police inspector Jeanne has two missions: to find the responsible for several jewel robberies and to keep an eye on the giant statue coveted by Victor Costa – the city’s most famous thief. Young Zoé will help solve the situation…

For ​​all audiences (over 6 years old).

Free access.



Une vie de chat 2_2014