Manuel Mozos


Manuel Mozos, was born in Lisbon in 1959. He attended the Cinema Course from 1981 to 1984, at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. He worked as editor, screenwriter, notetaker and assistant director.

He collaborates, on a regular basis, with publications, schools, institutes, universities, cultural and film associations, film clubs and festivals. He’s been working at the Cinemateca Portuguesa as a senior technician at ANIM since 2002.

In 1989 he made his first film, Um passo, outros passos e depois (1989), winner of Best Foreign Film at the Entrevues-Belfort International Film Festival, in 1990. Since then, he has made more than twenty films, fiction and documentaries, short and feature films, among which the feature films Quando Troveja (1999), Xavier (2002), 4 Copas (2002), Ramiro (2017), as well as the documentaries Lisboa no Cinema (1994), Cinema Português – Diálogos com João Bénard da Costa (1997), Ruínas (2009), João Bénard da Costa – Outros Amarão as Coisas Que Eu Amei (2014) and Sophia na Primeira Pessoa (2019) and the short film A Glória de Fazer Cinema em Portugal (2015).


Jayne Pilling

After working in independent cinemas, spent 11 years at the British Film Institute, then became Director of the Cardiff International Animation Festival (1993-1995). Subsequently, she worked in the UK and internationally, as an animation specialist and historian, film curator for festivals and museums, and lecturer/teacher. Jayne has served on over 40 international festival juries. Founder/director of the British Animation Awards, 1996-2018.

Curator, publisher and distributor of over 20 DVD collections of British and international independent animated shorts.

Has taught at the Royal College of Art, London, in Europe, the USA and Asia and was Animation Research Fellow at Norwich School of the Arts, East Anglia University.

Member of the Commission de Selection, for the l’Abbaye Fontrevaud Animator in Residency Programme, France, 2009 -2016.

Directed Channel 4 TV series about European animation. Curated international symposia on the relations between animation and other art forms (UK, Italy, Portugal).

Books include Animating the Unconscious: Desire & Sexuality in Animation; 2D & Beyond; A Reader in Animation Studies; Cartoons & the Movies; Women & Animation: A Compendium. These books are on the syllabus as required reading on university courses around the world, and regularly cited in reference bibliographies in books by academics and PhD students. Has written articles for publications in France, China, Italy, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland, Spain.

Also works as a translator.

Recipient of the Zagreb International Festival World Council’s Award for Contribution to Animation Studies, 2019.

Florence Miailhe

Born in 1956, Florence Miailhe graduated from the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, specialisation in engraving.

At the beginning of her professional career, Florence worked as a press designer and organised exhibitions of drawings and engravings. In 1991, she directs her first short film, Hammam, and sets a very personal style. Florence often uses paint, pastel or sand, directly under the camera.

 Her works have been recognised not only in France but also internationally. In 2002 she received the César for the Best Short Film with Au Premier Dimanche D’Août, in 2006 she receives a special mention at the Cannes Festival. In 2015, during the 39th edition of the International Animated Film Festival of Annecy, Florence is distinguished with the Crystal of Excelence for the whole of her work.

 She worked as a teacher at several animation schools such as: les Gobelins, ENSAD, la Poudrière. Simultaneously, she continued to work as a plastic artist.

 A large part of her films were written in collaboration with Marie Desplechin. 


Alexandre Siqueira

Alexandre Siqueira (Rio de Janeiro, 1980). In 2000, he co-directs the film Sopa Fria within the context of the course “Specialisation in Volume Animation”, Lisbon. Since then he has been developing and collaborating with other projects: short and feature films, animation series and music videos. In 2008 he entered the school La Poudrière, France, to specialise in Direction of Animation Films. His student short film, Viagem ao Campo de Girassóis is well received in several international festivals. His most recent short film, Purpleboy has received numerous awards, namely the nomination for the Annie Awards, the Grand Prize at Animage, Brazil and the Grand Prize of the Anima Brussels Festival.

He is currently living in Lille (France).

Oscar de Santillana

Madrid Spain.

Academic, lover and promoter of Animation Cinema, he has dedicated most of his career to Animators Training, he has been the creator of a new teaching model in Spain. He is known for its innovative programs or specialized courses with professionals from Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, or famous independent artists. In the animation diffusion he has actively collaborated with some European Festivals, participated in European forums focused on training and has given countless conferences in Schools and Universities in Spain and Mexico.He is currently living in Lille (France).

Marie Christine Courtès

Marie-Christine Courtès is a screenwriter and a director for documentaries and animated short films. After studying Literature and History, she worked for years as a foreign correspondent in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Her animated short film Sous tes doigts received more than 20 prizes all around the world, including the Jury Prize of the New York International Children’s festival in 2016. The same year Sous tes doigts was also nominated for the Cesar and the Cartoon d’Or for the best European animated short film. In 2017 it was shortlisted for the Oscars.


Louise Mercadier

Louise Mercadier is a self-taught animated film director. 

She has a degree in social sciences and has been directing stop motion films since 2015.


In 2019 she completes the direction of her first professional short film: Sororelle, co-directed with Frédéric Even, produced by Papy3d and JPL films and presented last year in the Official Competition at CINANIMA 2019. 

Jordi Artigas

Catalan, film historian, draftsman, graphic designer (School EINA), film technician (EMAV), cultural manager (Barcelona Activa).

Since the 70s, he has been researching and writing about pre-cinema, animation cinema, drawing and popular culture. Since 1980: founder, director and programmer of animation and children’s film festivals, such as Mostra de Cinema d’Animació, Filmoteca de Catalunya / ASIFA-C (1986-1989); CIEJ-Center de Joves de la Fundació “La Caixa” (1988-1992); Anima Basauri, Ayuntamiento de Basauri, País Vasco (1993-1995); Cinemàgic Festival, now Animac, Ayuntamiento de Lleida (1996).

He organized retrospectives of Catalan and Spanish animation cinema and was a member of international juries at the festivals of Espinho (Portugal), Zagreb (Croatia), Sorrento (Italy), Bilbao (Spain), Athens (Greece), among others.

He published works such as uma Joguina Histórica del Poble-sec; Francisco Macián. Els somnis d’un mag; Caricaturas franquísimas. He has also written texts for several encyclopedias and is about to publish the book El Cine NIC i altres joguines òptiques.

Jordi Artigas also published several texts and articles in the Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian press, both in paper and in digital version. The first collaboration in the digital press was in Web Negre (2010-2012) and, later, in the digital cultural diary Núvol and Buduàr ​​de San Remo (Italy).

Co-founder, in 1985, of ASIFA Catalunya (International Animation Film Association). In 2020 he founded the Zoòtrop / La Memòria dels Dibuixants Cultural Association in collaboration with Jordi Morraja and Enric Asensio.

Since 2015, he has been the curator of five exhibitions on the history of Catalan animation cinema. Since 2009, founder and coordinator of the Cineclube del Cercle, of the Reial Cercle Artístic of Barcelona. Member of the Federació Catalana de Cineclubs. In March 2020 he received the “Career Award” at the Animac Festival in Lleida.

Sandra Cristina Ramos

Sandra Ramos, born in 1974,Portugal.

After completing her first animation course (Volumes) with José Miguel Ribeiro, in 2000, she abandons the Course of Equipment Design, which she’d majored in at the Fine Arts Faculty, Lisbon University.

In 2001, she’s admitted at La Poudrière school of animation where she directs three short films (Sand Flakes, Soundfusion and To Grandma’s Igloo) and a collective festival intro (Auch 2003) and works with some of the major animation masters of our times. Back in Portugal, she directed The Mouse and Quiero Você, two short films and co-directed Compositio III.

Teacher and trainer since 2004, at higher education institutions (Lusófona; ESAD-Caldas da Rainha; Fine Arts Faculty, Lisbon University), schools (EPI; Ars Animación), festivals (CINANIMA, Monstra) and at different occasions and events, like the Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference, Lisbon, 2019.

Phd candidate in Drawing (moving/animated drawing), Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon University.



Bruno Caetano

Bruno Isaac Grade Caetano was born in Portimão in 1979. Self-taught animator and builder, he later graduates from Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts – Multimedia Investigation and Studies Centre (CIEAM) with a specialisation in Stop Motion technique. Despite having a strong preference for this technique, his professional career led him to participate in several projects with various animation techniques as well as in other areas of artistic interest.

Has worked as an animator, producer and director in projects from various production companies, and is a founding member of COLA (Audiovisual Collective), an ever growing group of united artists, focused in producing, teaching and divulging animation in Portugal.

Vier Nev

Vier Nev is a Portuguese multidisciplinary artist. Vier studied Multimedia at Escola Superior de Artes e Design and Virtual Reality at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Vier uses perspective, framing and negative space in order to paint images with multiple visual interpretations. Vier is interested in creating experiences that challenge the viewers’ perception and explore the artistic potential of emerging technologies.  Their latest projects include the AR exhibition “A Terra é Tela”, the virtual reality experience “Dar Cria” and the short film “A Mind Sang”.

Paulo Gomes

Paulo J. Gomes (a.k.a. “Paulo J. Games”) is the current Studio Director, Game Director and Lead Producer at Saber Interactive Porto where he Directed the Switch version of the videogame “Call of Cthulhu”, inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s short story and he is currently Directing the production of the “Crysis” remaster series for PS4 and Xbox One.

Prior to Saber Interactive, Paulo was the founder of Bigmoon Entertainment, where he designed, directed and produced several console and PC videogames such “Dakar 18”, “Police Simulator: Patrol Duty”, the RPG’s “Demons Age” and “Trapped Dead: Lockdown”. Paulo also produced several other games such “Syndrome”, “Lichdom: Battlemage”, “Alekhine’s Gun”, “Neighbours from Hell 1 and 2”, “Jagged Alliance: Back in Action”, “North and South” and Art for many racing games such “WRC 5”, “WRC 3”, “FlatOut 4” and “MotoGP 13”.

Prior to Bigmoon, Paulo was the co-founder of GameInvest corporation where he Directed and Produced several casual games for PC and Consoles, such “Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward” , “Defenders of Law: The Rosendale file”, “World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder”, “Enigma 7”, ”Hospital Hustle”, among others.

In addition to the numerous video games Directed and Produced, Paulo also Directed and Produced the animated series “Tic Tac Tales” and the musical series of “Pikaboo”.

Paulo is a game developer veteran having more than 20 years of experience in the videogame industry, he’s also a well-known Portuguese University Teacher of Videogames and Multimedia programming at Portucalense University and one of the pioneers of the videogame industry in Portugal and co-founder / former President of APROJE: Videogames Portuguese Developers Association in the early years of this century.