Masterclasses 2022

November 7 – 15H /  ESAD – Escola Superior de Arte e Design de Matosinhos
Chris Robinson – Earmarked for Collision – Tearing Through Collage Animation

An overview of collage use in animation through the 20th century from its traditional, handmade use (Stan Vanderbeek, Larry Jordan, Arthur Lipsett, Terry Gilliam) through to later masters, Lewis Klahr, Stacey Steers, Martha Colburn and Janie Geiser towards more contemporary digital collage artists of the 21st century: Lei Lei, Winston Hacking, Soda Jerk, Dalibor Barić and Kelly Sears. 

Along the way, we’ll examine how collage has developed from a rebellious anti-establishment artistic tool towards one that has been co-opted by the mainstream and online media in more frivolous and arguably negative ways (memes, gifs, and that devious villain named ‘photoshop’).

November 8 – 10H /  UCP – Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Chintis Lundgren – How to accidentally become an animator

Chintis Lundgren talks about how she stumbled into the animation world. And how she went from drawing drunk birds to alcoholic rabbits. Her accomplice, Draško Ivezić, will be there too to help explain how much more absinthe-filled the future will get.


2019 Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves 18′; 2017 Manivald 13′; 2015 Life with Herman H. Rott 11’06”; 2014 Kingfisher 4’12”; 2013 Mysterious Swamp 2’51”; 2011 Montego 11’25”; 2011 About the Hard Life of the Barn Swallow 5’20”; 2010 Volli Pall 11’44”; 2009 The Great Grey Shrike 6’22

November 8 – 11H /  Centro Multimeios de Espinho
Carlos Carvalho – The creative process of the PÔLE 3D School

Pôle 3D is a school of 2D and 3D animation based in Roubaix, in the north of France, which offers Bachelor (3 years) and Master (5 years).

During this presentation, you will discover the learning stages from the first to the fifth year with all the artistic and technical issues of each stage.

And finally what happens to our students in the professional world?

November 9 – 10H30 /  IPCA – Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e Ave
Paulo Patrício e Jorge Ribeiro – Sweet Masterclass 

Two directors of animation cinema — Jorge Ribeiro and Paulo Patrício—approach the process that involves the expanded cinema life performance “Sweet Spot”, where they cross live music, video projection, and real-time drawing.

Besides the approach to the creative process as well as practical demonstrations and techniques, a short film adaptation of the performance is screened.

November 10 – 10H30 / ESMAD – Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design
Tomm Moore – A distinctive style of animated filmmaking

Tomm Moore, director, and co-founder of Cartoon Saloon – an independent production studio in Ireland – is an inescapable name in today’s animation cinema, who will address his creative process and the highlights of a highly successful career.

Best known for directing the acclaimed Oscar-nominated trilogy of feature films, “Secret of Kells” (with actor Brendan Gleeson), “Song of the Sea” and “The Wolfwalkers” (with actor Sean Bean), Tomm has worked as a producer, art director, story-boarder, animator and illustrator on a series of significant projects.

We should also mention the direction of a segment in the anthology feature “The Prophet” (with Salma Hayek, Liam Neeson and John Krasinski) among a collective of directors, as well as his production work for Nora Twomey’s two feature films (“The Breadwinner” and “My Father’s Dragon”).

November 10 – 11H – Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Laranjeira  //  November 11 – 11H – Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Almeida
Hugo Santos – The creative process of the short film “Sanctuary”

Knowing how to work in a group is an important skill. Everyone has a different level of difficulty when it comes to opening up in a creative process.

When doing the end-of-course project with four people without defined roles, it was important to finish it with a film that reflected a piece of everyone in the story, characters, environment, and message.

The goal of this masterclass is to reflect on the whole process of the short film “Sanctuary” and how the various stages of its production were overcome in a period of four months as a group.