‘The Boy and the World’ returns to Espinho this saturday

After having been screened and awarded in numerous festivals, including CINANIMA 2014 where it has received the Award for the Best Feature Film and the Audience Award, The Boy and the world, directed by the Brazilian Alê Abreu, returns to the Auditorium of the Casino Espinho, on the 25th of April, at 04:30 P.M. Free Admission.

The film tells the story of a boy who is looking for his father, who left the village, hoping to find better living conditions for his family. A progressive order, ranging from simple to complex follows. The boy is a sketch, rough, round head and two discs like eyes. As the film progresses the character will be having more importance and complexity.

At first, and for viewers accustomed to animation increasingly sophisticated, accelerated and depending on special effects, the film may not be fully understandable, because the language is very different – the inverted Portuguese. In addition, the film is marked by a melancholy, making the look of a child the vehicle to serious critics to society and confronting the viewer with the challenge of thinking about what he is seeing. The film represents the fascination by the new, through by the eyes of a child, and the amazement before the degradation of the planet. With this film, Alê Abreu created a necessary and disturbing work, worthy of being seen by adults and children and the generations to come.